Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kite videography. Almost a complete failure.

My wife bought me one of those MD80 mini cameras a while back. I've attached it various things in the past, like the car and the dog but I've had several attempts now at getting some decent video with the camera attached to my power kite.
When using a stills camera attached to the kite movement was not an issue with a fast shutter speed but for video it's a completely different can of worms.
I've tried different methods of attaching the camera to the kite, all with varying levels of fail, although today's footage is the best yet.
I've had a quick look for stabilising camera mounts but they all cost several times more than the actual camera itself so I think my next project might be a stabilising mount to attach to the kite.
Anyway here's the video for anybody that wants to watch 4 minutes of blurry scenes with occasional watchable bits.

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