Sunday, 22 September 2013

My new RF remote gadget.

My new 4 channel RF remote control gadget.

Nosing around Ebay the other week I came across a listing for a 4 channel RF remote control module and key fob remote,  for only £2.57 with free delivery, so at that price I had to grab one.

The RF receiver module and it's remote.

The key fob remote.

Close up of the RF receiver PCB.

Board specifications.

I couldn't find any information online for the board but thank's to Nick,, who came across this on a Ebay item page from a different seller.

Remote control
    Modulation method: Amplitude modulation
    Working voltage(V): DC5V
    The static current(mA): 4.5mA
    Working frequency(MHz): 315,433.92MHz(266-433MHz frequency can choose)
    Transmission distance: 50-100 meters(In the field of open receiver sensitivity  -100dbm)
    Encoder types: Fixed code
    Working temperature: -10 ? ~ +60 ?
    Receiving sensitivity (dBm) : -105DB
    With decoding receiver board
    1.The operating voltage DC5V, receiver sensitivity is -98db. Leg 7 bits, respectively, VT, D3, D2, D1, D0, the +5 V and GND. VT is a valid signal high output pin Upon receiving a valid signal, the pin output high, may also drive the relay.
    2.Size: 6.3*1.6*3.9cm/2.48"*0.63"*1.54"
    There are four buttons on the remote control, and respectively correspond to the four data bits to the receiving board output pin D0, D1, D2, and D3 of. Press the buttons transmit signals, the corresponding data bit is output high.

The remote in operation.

To give the remote a test I built a quick circuit up on breadboard and it worked perfectly.

All ready to test.

I used 4 blue LEDs hooked up to the outputs of the board to test the operation of each channel. Each LED already had the resistors soldered on from a previous project so it was just a case of jumpering the LEDs to the outputs and ground then hooking up a +5VDC power supply.

As each button on the fob is pressed the corresponding LED lights up to indicate the output of the receiver.


For only £2.57 each these remotes are a bargain and can be used for so many things. I have even ordered a couple more to play around with as they will be handy for interfacing with my Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
I just got to decide on what to do with them now, some ideas I've had are for remote controlled household lighting, a light painting remote lighting effect controller and there's another secret project I'm working on that the remote will be perfect for.


  1. do you have the link to where you bought this James, I can see a few useful projects